Dawn Scrubbie Pads (2 Pieces)

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Scours without scratching. Ideal for copper & non-stick cookware, countertops, dishes & china.

The Dawn Scrubbie Pads are great for household cleaning, including dishes, sinks, and more. They're designed so they won't scratch cookware while they can handle tough scrubbing jobs when food is sticky or burned on. They're also great for cleaning little messes in the car, and around the garage. This is a pack of two, so you'll have a spare when you need it.

Product Features

  • Enjoy the versatility and convenience of using these Dawn Scrubbie Pads.
  • They are specially made so they don't scratch up your pots or pans when eliminating tough stuck-on foods.
  • These cleaning pads are also useful for tackling stains and messes in other places around the house. Use them in the car to clean your seats or dash. They come in a 2-count pack.
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